Misschiefs is originally a groundbreaking feminist exhibition of contemporary collectible design that showcases a unique group of ten trailblazing Swedish womxn designers and artists selected for the punk nature of their work, at the crossing of design, craft and art.

In each city Misschiefs visits, a woman gallerist or curator is invited to select one woman artist of her choice to join the show.
All the Misschiefs have been minutely selected for the excellency of their individual mastering of a particular craftsmanship and artistic style, ranging from material techniques such as glass blowing, wood stitching, precious stone setting, textile weaving, interactive technology and more.

The designers are aged 25 to 83 years old, some are internationally famous, others established names in the Swedish design world and a few are young upcoming figures. They come from different parts of the country, have various cultural backgrounds and work from studios in distinct locations in Sweden and abroad.

The choice of female designers and collaborators springs from a desire to actively participate in boosting women’s visibility in the arts and design at large. Especially in the field of product design, where women designers are still under-represented in most design companies producing furniture and functional objects, as well as in prestigious design schools, particularly women designers with multi-cultural backgrounds. Part of the sales of the objects and the exhibition catalogue go to an international women's foundation.

All the objects and furniture are handmade only for Misschiefs and sold in a maximum number of three copies each. Punk by nature, our objects stand for freedom of individual expression in a design culture traditionally strict and controlled. The combination of individual mastery of specific craftsmanship, the free reins of the brief and the nature of the design uniqueness and rarity, has enabled the creation of a truly singular collection of Swedish contemporary collectible design.

Misschiefs was first shown in February 2020 at Bångska Våningen in the heart of Stockholm for a duration of three weeks with over 1500 visitors. The exhibition was planned to travel around Europe but the pandemic struck and so Misschiefs became Misschiefs Takeover - please scroll to Takeover section for info on how we take over large empty spaces in Stockholm to offer free art studios and exhibitions to womxn artists and designers!










Linnégatan 4

Östermalm, Stockholm

August 10, 2020 - December 31, 2021

Misschiefs Takeover is a rescue operation for women artists who are particularly impacted by the current global economic crisis. With the support of a major real-estate company, we provide free art studios to selected womxn artists and designers to work, show and sell their art directly to the public.

Our first Misschiefs Takeover Pop-Up is in Stockholm, it opened in August 2020 and will close before summer 2021. We are open with free public access Thursday Friday from noon to 6pm, Saturday Sunday from 11am to 5pm and we live stream on our YouTube channel as well as on our instagram.

Located on Linnégatan 4 in prime central location in Stockholm, Misschiefs is taking over a 500m2 former laundry factory, the largest of its kind in the inner city. All the original Misschiefs collectible design pieces, video art and installations are on display continuously as well as additional contemporary design artefacts we select and change on a regular basis.

From August to December, a group of 10 selected womxn artists were invited to work daily on site in their temporary art studios. From December to now, Misschiefs Takeover has entered phase 2 with a succession of invited womxn artists taking over half our pop-up about 300m2 for individual solo shows. So far over 30 womxn artists and designers have be featured in our pop-up as well as 15 live performances both indoors and outdoors.

Follow us on instagram and youtube for regular live updates, performances and more surprises! Art is not luxury. Art is necessity. Support womxn artists! Support Misschiefs, we need you all to be able to continue this adventure. Tack!

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Sergels Torg, Stockholm

June 01-27, 2021

During the month of June Misschiefs is moving in to a second new location: Superellipsen, a circular 500m2 empty storefront visible 360 degrees through glass windows by the public passing by in Stockholms most important public square called Sergels Torg. Superellipsen is situated on what people refer to as ‘Plattan’ (the Slag), the famous pedestrian plaza where most major demonstrations and celebrations take place.

For one week each, four outstanding womxn artists have been chosen by Misschiefs to take over Superellipsen and activate it from the inside. Using a system of qr-code, visitors will be able to connect to the sound of what is happening live inside while watching the artists through the glass windows. All the performances will be live streamed on Misschiefs YouTube channel as well as social media.

Misschiefs acts site specifically as a surgical injector into dead urban storefronts of high-quality live art. Our goal is to physically reconnect the real makers of culture with the broadest public possible in order to make our city centers less commercial and more human.

Live artists program

June 01-06 : Grebnellaw

June 07-13 : Lisa Janbell

June 14-20 : Ailin Mirlashari

June 21-27 : Farvash & Roxy Farhat

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Graphics: Manana

Photos: Kimberly Ihre

Sceno: Simon Skinner & Milko Özlü

Catalogue: Frederique Daubal

Catalogue text: Sara Abdollahi

Web design & dev: Bonconseil