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Shirley Harthey Ubilla


Choreographer & Performance artist

Shirley Harthey Ubilla (born in 1986, Santiago, Chile) is a Chilean-Swedish choreographer and performance artist based in Estocolmo. Their choreographic work focuses on dyke desires, latinidad, warping structures of power and queer realness.

With their foundation in street dance, the genre is evident in all of Shirley’s work, yet over the past few years their focus has shifted from emphasizing freestyle and traditional expressions within street dance to being influenced by a broader movement practice and different performative practices. In recent years Shirley has been occupied with thinking about how socially constructed identities depend on and arise from our relationship to other people. Further they have been dealing with how they negotiate their queer Latinx identity within the white performing arts tradition. As a non-binary butch dyke of color, they are highly aware of the fact that bodies matter, and this is something that drives all of their artistic work. They have a strong belief that the making of art is a fragile, fierce and a badass way of figuring out how to live in the world.