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Camila Manuelsdotter Pino


Artist and photographer

Camila Manuelsdotter Pino (born 1991) is an artist based in Stockholm. She works with combining several mediums to portray the in-between of her latinidad and swedishness. Photography is her primary tool to challenge the viewers and by painting over her photography, she leaves an emotional imprint that lets you travel between what is real and imaginary. Another part of her work involves an interest in words and the power they have about hidden storytelling and cultural inclusion. She has been focusing on bringing back the joy of art and letting herself travel to different spaces. What materials make her spark and words of manifestation have been important. This is a never ending story of the search of Latin America in Sweden. Camila had her first exhibition at Misschiefs Linnégatan in Stockholm in 2021 when she graduated from HDK Valand. She moved in her art studio to Misschiefs in 2024.