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Toni Tora Botwid


Scenographer, costume designer and visual artist

Toni Tora Botwid (b. 1990) is a scenographer, costume designer and visual artist working across theatre, dance and film. To step into one of Toni´s worlds is often an invitation to a vivid universes full of playfulness. They create spaces that aim to both surprise and seduce, whilst at the same time functioning as welcoming and kind spaces for audience to experience works fully. Toni sees the world through a queer gaze and creates from this experience. ”I do art because it is what brings me the most joy – and I also believe in its importance. I see art as a space that can open us up to both other possibilities and parallel worlds. Art can create spaces where we can let our thoughts and feelings wander outside and beyond of their everyday paths, bouncing towards new surfaces and perhaps returning back to us with new ways of seeing and new meaning.

Art can give us a much needed break from what is expected, and sometimes an insight in another’s world and history. It can evoke and reveal in us things we did not even know we longed for. In this way, I believe that art can be a forerunner and inspiration for life and society as a whole. It can give hope, heal and complicate. ” Although Toni mainly works with scenography and costume design, their background also includes video art, performance and writing about the performing arts. Their work has been seen at Riksteatern, Helsingborgs Stadsteater, Backa Teater, Moderna Dansteatern, Regionteater Väst, Örebro Länsteater. Toni graduated in 2022 with a BA in Set and Costume Design from Stockholm University of the Arts.