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Alexandra Falagara


Illustrator and designer

Alexandra Falagara, born in 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden, is an illustrator and designer based in Stockholm. After graduating in Graphic Design & Illustration from Konstfack, Stockholm, she co-founded in 2012 the design bureau Bastion – Agency Studio Lab, which focuses on searching communication solutions through design, visual culture, and typography. Her clients include Albert Bonnier Publishing house, Astrid Lindgren AB, Dagens Nyheter, Bang Magazine, and The New York Times, as well as ArkDes, Yale School of Arts, and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Alexandra’s work, as a freelance designer and as Bastion’s creative director, has been featured nationally and internationally in exhibitions and publications, and has received many awards, such as Swedish Book Art, Sweden's Publisher Awards, Design S and Kolla! prizes. Alexandra has also given lectures at Konstfack and Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm, and is now a lecturer in Graphic Communication Design at the Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen.