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Fanny Ollas


Stockholm-based artist and designer

Fanny Ollas, born in 1984 in Klövsjö, Sweden, is a Stockholm-based artist and designer. She holds an MFA in Ceramic and Glass from Konstfack, Stockholm, and works primarily with ceramics, but she has a background within textile and has studied fashion design and history at Beckmans College of Design and Stockholm University. Her work links her interest in art and craft with psychology and emotional relationship with everyday objects. Working with traditional ceramic forms, Fanny explores questions of vulnerability, body, demands, fears, and relationships, and investigates whether objects can take human form and portray mental states and emotions. She often works with scenography and spatial installations where the objects interact to create a surreal fantasy world, halfway between an innocent fairy tale and a melancholic dystopia. She is now active in her studio in Gustavsberg.