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Bianca Traum


Interdisciplinary artist

Bianca Traum (born in Bucharest, Romania) is an autodidact artist working with dance, acting and choreography. Her 15 years experience in multiple fields of performing arts and community practices ranges from battling at dance events and balls, touring worldwide at established festivals, choreographing and performing renowned music artists, to acting in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to participating in large spectrum of conceptual art venues.
Traum is currently working on a solo project named Tr3i that focuses on how identities are created in relation to other bodies. Through improvisation and the "flow" technique she experiments through complex negotiations in the moment. Traum has been exploring the subject and condition of in-betweenness as a result of growing up in Sweden as a "third culture kid". Her work also investigates how bodily complexities transform through spiritual practices. A state where identity and form dissolve and then rebuilt in what she identifies as the constant identity crisis of dealing with the Other.