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MAR 12th
APR 03rd

Fabulous artists Vera Jörgensen @verajorgensen and Emilia Sundqvist @millzuponthehillz took over the Misschiefs space at Linnégatan for a collaborative exhibition.

“We allow our minds to feel, devour, and dream."

Sooo Sensitive is an exploration and collaboration between Stockholm based artists Emilia Sundqvist and Vera Jörgensen. The project grew from the artists finding common characteristics in their work that, though it might not be easily recognised at first sight, is certain to be felt. In this exhibition we can see the artists’ collaborative work as well as their individual pieces come together, communicating and reflecting one another. In the exhibition Emilia and Vera have been playing with combining their aesthetics and allowing each-other to be part of each other's creative processes; leading to a world where the cute and infantile meets nervosity and vulgarity. Their work comes together in a colourful play and if you're grown up in the 90s you might recognise symbols like flowers, hearts and silky bows from that plastic toy aesthetics era. Vera’s photographs are framed and captured with Emilia’s soft padded silky sculptures. There is a kind of positive distortion to the artists’ starting idea of capturing someone’s discomfort in front of the camera, focussing the lens on self-image, reality and imagination. In the exhibition we can also see the artists’ individual works, Vera carrying a big heavy bowling ball with legs crooked like a long legged bambi, in the background a big sign with the word bimbo. Her vulnerable expression in contrast to a more rough American dream-like aesthetic becomes in symbiosis with Emilia's work; an ongoing execution of female animal-like, disoriented and awkward beings.

"Vulnerability and sadness can be something aesthetically appealing, when we cry our eyes get big and expressive, but actual vulnerability in its loneliness is sad and unbearable, and the artists want to explore this in their work. Distraction is part of what sadness and loneliness comes to and thirst for validation and consumption seem to be a tempting quick fix.”

Emilia och Vera.