Michaelsdotter Eriksson

FRESH Collection: Slice, Cut, Splash

A collection of three hand tufted carpets/sculptures
Slice 195 x 140 cm
Cut 145 x 105 cm
Splash 220 x 170 cm
Yarn: 100% wool, backing: polyester fabric
Limited edition of 3 + 1 AP

For Misschiefs I have created a rug-collection entitled FRESH, consisting of upscaled pieces of food. Slice is a tomato slice, Cut is a meat chop. More pieces will be added to the collection as the exhibition travels abroad. Through altering the scale and material of everyday objects, I’m able to strip the objects from their obvious, quotidian function.

My goal is to introduce the viewer to a wider set of possibilities and new associations. I am inspired by the life force that unites all existing matter. I want to push upon and disrupt our banal perceptions of this world, through these material experiments.