Marga Blanche

Scream a Whisper

A collection of three handmade stools
Approx. 45 x 45 cm
3D print, ropes, Jesmonite
Limited edition of 3 +1 AP

I was pregnant during my creative process and it really influenced my work for the Misschiefs project. First I started with a desire to explore the craft of knitting, because it is the one specific craft that is related to motherhood and women in general, all generations combined. A soft and reassuring craft. To see what aesthetic could be explored with it and at the same time put it in contrast with something hard, interlace it with something else.

So the idea to make a stool came up, something stable you can sit on, on what your body rely on. At the same time the stool took shape, my pregnant body changed form and this in turn changed my view on the project. The series finally became 3 stools, with the same shape having a dialogue between 3d printing and ropes.