Dream Woman CV

Patchwork quilt
Appliquéd, quilted and bleached by hand
240 x 205 cm
Front: silk and cotton, filling: cotton
Back: cotton
Limited edition of 3 + 1 AP

In this wallhanging, I have merged my obsession with quilts with my interest in archeology and female labor. Beyond having the shape of a quilt, it is a poem, a list of titles, a handwritten note, a CV, 16 suggestions of possible occupations. The titles are collected over time from Tv-shows, youtube, the news, history books, movies, commercials, and popular culture in general. Chosen based on how they sound, what the words look like and what they mean. How they play together.

It is a record of sixteen different professional positions that range from WARRIOR PRINCESS to CHIEF OF STAFF to MOTHER OF PEARL. Some are ’real’, in the sense that they are being used in mainstream culture, while some are more…. poetic. Sometimes it is a mix of reality and fiction. What they all have in common is that they are all ultimately ’made up’ and that they connect to ideas of femininity.

My main focus has been the Linear B-tablets that were deciphered in 1952. They are documents made from clay, written in a scribal shorthand, and date back to 1400 bc. Linear B is the earliest attested form of greek, and these documents provide information about the organization of cloth production in the mycenaean world during the late bronze age. Over two thousand women are recorded by name and title, or as members of a group. The largest number of clay tablets were found in Knossos, and lists details about economy, female labor, the raw material and the different phases of making cloth. What I find interesting is the similarities regarding labour between this 3000 year old society and the one I live in today: Both societies/ economies structure its labour along gender lines. Why do we hold on to that? Why can’t we completely let go of that polemic situation?

It is my handwriting, quickly scribbled down on a pice of paper and then scaled up and translated into cotton. My alphabet is drawn by hand, cut from a bathtub-bleached sheet, and stitched on a silk background using black thread. Depending on lights and angles, the green quilt is constantly shifting due to the warm, yellow warp and the turquoise weft. The white, gray and black words are more decorative than functional. Although tactile materials they seem to have a certain resemblance with digital effects and filters.