Death Proof Cabinet

H 178 cm x W 81 cm x D 34 cm
Printed birch block board, lacquered metal
Limited edition of 3 + 1 AP

The Death Proof Cabinet is a specific piece of furniture that has arisen through the collaboration and the driving force in the Misschiefs project. In my process I want to challenge what I have experienced and explore different possibilities of the material, in order to bring forth new expressions for furniture.

The Death Proof Cabinet has a physical storage body of checkered, printed wood and curvaceous legs that wants to speak to the visitor. It deals with expression, materiality and resistance in my relation to the contemporary world.

Misschiefs as project has given me the space to express myself into the design-art field, which is super interesting and calls for further exploration. I also find this way of bringing pieces of furniture to life in cooperation with small scale manufacturers very developable and sympathetic.