Maggie & Cate

Pendant and table lamp
Pendant: 75 x 23 cm
Table: 40 x 25 cm
Glass and silicone, handmade
Limited edition of 3 + 2 AP

During my studies to become a jewelry artist somebody once told me, "You make jewelry for children – not for adults". When I heard that this projects would be named Misschiefs the playfulness of the title and the wordplay made me think of when I was an exchange student in Tokyo and the Japanese students in my class came up with a new word to describe my artistic style. The word was "kimokawaii" which is a combination of the words for disgusting and cute in Japanese. My jewellery is made for adults but with a touch of kitsch, imaginary worlds and with a hint of humor.

I have created two exclusive lamps in hand blown glass based on the bodies of maggots and caterpillars and given them an uncanny resemblance to human babies. The aesthetic of the pieces are a bit of a morph between real creatures and fantasy creatures, simplified shapes, hybrids. In my creative process I have been playing with the idea and concept of "hugging my nightmares". Warm mood lights, a "safe" movement of squirmy creatures frozen in time.