Paradox Tale of Logic Gate

Durational performance, installation and ritual tools
Control disk, uniform, prayer mat. All handmade
Disk: D 60 cm, mat: 62 x 99 cm
Tulle, Glass beads, Thread, Ink, TPU, Pigment, Adhesive Stainless steel, Gold 24K, Pdot, Electrolyte, Pigment, Dielectric, Carbon, Silver
Limited edition of 3 + 1 AP

Paradox Tale of Logic Gate is a fictional tale, it remarks upon behaviors of control within the human, how personalities are designed-for-purpose.

Paradox Tale of Logic Gate is a territory, a “no-land”, yet connected to “landedness” through rules and citizenship. The citizen of no-mans-land relates to their environment as if it were a control room of gaming: the build-up of character, designed behaviour. State tools control the citizen, the citizen obeys, waiting for permission to pray.

The performance navigates self-censorship, arranged behaviour and self-control. It connects to conspiratorial thinking and imagined or constructed beliefs tethered to land. It questions individual agency when an overarching power structure is omnipresent, and consequences are ever-present to individual action. Ideology and belief have no borders, yet they create an invisible landscape in the mind of the citizen.

The uniform, the prayer mat and the materials in the performance have very specific meaning. The uniform is the face of no-land, it uses a pre-existing combat camouflage, contrasted with couture hand-embroidery. The history of this camouflage is unique, operating as a symbolic tool, with red for courage and martyrdom, green for Islam, and white for peace. The pattern was constructed to unite the soldiers under one belief, martyrdom, rather than for the utility of disruption.

Paradox Tale of Logic Gate highlights the consumption of camouflage within society as an aesthetic celebration, as well as its functional history of concealment, mimicry and the imitation of nature. Camouflage today often more readily signifies a tool of marketing, which gestures utilitarian style rather than functionality. The drive of this work brings camouflage towards a readdressing of the future of disguise and concealment. This is a symbolic gesture, which embodies the reclamation of the agency of a citizen, using the material technology often more closely aligned with alienating acts of war.