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Maja Michaelsdotter

Maja (b. 1985) is a textile artist who works within the sculptural field. Originally from Lund, Maja studied in Gothenburg at HDK-Valand Art, from where she got a MFA. She currently resides in Malmö. Specialized in tufting, a half industrial technique for making carpets, Maja seeks to develop new ways to make tufted sculptures. Her work is colorful and often portraits everyday objects. A cat, an egg, a placenta.

Her work often brings up themes from ordinary life, but by playing with scale and setting the objects present a contrasting layer of meaning and an often comical or absurd aspect of the world. Her work portrays a striking fascination of everything living, our biological bodies and organs of flesh and blood as well as underlying themes of the mind. Her pieces often relates to topics viewed as heavy or problematic, which in her work is shown with an honesty that ultimately celebrates the force of life. Maja has received the award Young Swedish design (Ung svensk form) in 2017 and 2019. She has exhibited for The Swedish National museum, Liljevalchs museum, ArkDes, among many other national and international venues.