Art video, installation
Two 110 x 62 cm screens, floor stand, four speakers
Sound composed by Edward Asplund Sjunnesson
Speakers by Teenage Engineering

Technoference • techno(logy) (inter)ference
Any negative effect imposed on an interpersonal relationship by the intrusive use of technology.

One time when I was a lot younger, I got so fucked up at a club that I left all my things behind and just tried to get home. I lived right outside the city and I don’t know how I got there without my wallet, but I did. It was in the winter, I had no jacket or keys and was locked outside yet I didn’t care. Because I had my phone I could contact the girl I lived with, so it would all be fine. Then I realized that I had lost my phone too. By losing it I’d lost my connection to safety. I was no more alone than the second before I realized it, but it felt like I was cut off from everything and everyone. After some time I got to borrow a strangers phone and I was safe, once again connected.

In a global acceleration smartphones hook us up to cyberspace – the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs – in a rapid speed we get more and more connected. We all get access to the same connectivity and platforms which by itself is a process of democratization. Information spreads and we all get the tools to communicate, organize and search. But by being ever digitally connected we lose real time presence and misinformation spreads like wildfire. We become independently dependent on one tech which easily breaks. And when it does, we get a new one.

Everything is in the cloud and the object no longer has any value. The platforms which our phones provide, are designed to get us stuck in dopamine driven feedback loops. Loops that have room for no one else except the user. In a time that is already hyper individualistic, what effects does this have on our coexistence?