Linnégatan 4

Östermalm, Stockholm

August 10, 2020 - December 31, 2021

What is Misschiefs Takeover?

Due to the current global health crisis, Misschiefs has been unable to travel to its next international destinations planned in April, in Milan and this summer and fall to France. In a unique rescue operation, Misschiefs has been offered an incredible 500m2 space situated on Linnegatan 4 in the heart of Stockholm.

This old laundry factory will be temporarily converted by Misschiefs into a pop-up art studios space offered to a group of carefully selected women artists, for free. These 10 artists will install their art studio at Linnégatan to work from there and the public will be able to see how they work, meet them personally and buy their art directly from them. In addition, all the objects of the original Misschiefs collection will be presented in the space, as well as additional women artists and designers guests.

French designer Matali Crasset is our ‘red thread’ throughout this Misschiefs TAKEOVER adventure, with her landmark furniture named ‘Permit to Build’, a sofa designed as a building game for children. The work of Matali represents what this Takeover stands for, namely generosity, playfulness and new solutions for a better living together. At Linnégatan 4 there will be live performances, surprises and more!

Misschiefs TAKEOVER was born out of a desire to actively help women artists in Stockholm who are acutely impacted by the economical repercussions of the Covid crisis. Women artists everywhere are particularly vulnerable due to their independent status as artists and as women. Misschiefs is a feminist art project from the start aiming at empowering women artists and designers. This first collaboration with a real-estate company with the aim of providing free art studio spaces to women artists with a urban visibility is a strong message of hope: indeed, new kinds of transversal partnerships between those who have access to empty spaces and artists is highly needed today.

We hope this initiative will bring together the public and the everyday real life of artists, and furthermore that Misschiefs TAKEOVER will inspire further concrete dynamism for privates companies, state institutions and individuals at large to actively participate in relieving the economic impact of the current global crisis on the heart of art world, namely its artists and practitioners, especially so for women.


August 28 - September 05

Minna Palmqvist

Public opening hours:
Obs! Thursday Sept 02 INVITATION ONLY
Stockholm Fashion Week Event

September 08-13


September 16-26


Vernissage Thursday Sept 16
Public opening hours:
Monday-Friday noon-6pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm

For more information,
please contact Paola Bjäringer
tel: +46(0)708518024