Sergels Torg, Stockholm

June 01-27, 2021

Misschiefs in an interdisciplinary platform dedicated to push for more visibility of great womxn artists. We take over temporary empty spaces strategically located in the inner city to activate them with free quality cultural content for all.

During the month of June Misschiefs is moving in to a new location: Superellipsen, a circular 500m2 empty storefront visible 360 degrees through glass windows by the public passing by in Stockholms most important public square called Sergels Torg. Superellipsen is situated on what people refer to as ‘Plattan’ (the Slag), the famous pedestrian plaza where most major demonstrations and celebrations take place.

For one week each, four outstanding womxn artists have been chosen by Misschiefs to take over Superellipsen and activate it from the inside. Using a system of qr-code, visitors will be able to connect to the sound of what is happening live inside while watching the artists through the glass windows. All the performances will be live streamed on Misschiefs YouTube channel as well as social media.

Misschiefs acts site specifically as a surgical injector into dead urban storefronts of high-quality live art. Our goal is to physically reconnect the real makers of culture with the broadest public possible in order to make our city centers less commercial and more human.

Live artists program

June 01-06 : Grebnellaw

June 07-13 : Lisa Janbell

June 14-20 : Ailin Mirlashari

June 21-27 : Farvash & Roxy Farhat


Sergels Torg, Stockholm


June 01-06

Open Laboratory Of Inflatable Bubble People.

For Grebnellaw the Superellipse on Sergels Torg speaks both of the beauty of the rectangular form and the power of the elliptical shape. Combined they form the perfect room for a site-specific laboratory as well as a portal into new territories of the mind. Grebnellaw is the emergence of a new species of subatomic beings through a broad definition of portraiture translated to persona, character, performativity, vocals, text and installations. Through a series of participatory performances in the large windows of the Superellipse space, the population will entertain, distort and confuse the bypassing audience with spontaneous music-driven performativity.

Behind the big costumes and masks there will be an eclectic ensemble of drag artists, dancers and performance artists; among others Leffe Crumlove, Ruccola Hängbjörk, Acai Lum, La Sangregorio, Rosa Bönor, Pepper Potemkin, Tobias Strollo, Gabriellaacro, Ceviche de Chocho&Brenda Mandlar (Tuck O’Hej).


GREBNELLAW is a visual and performance artist who lives and works in Stockholm. Since 2014, a process is underway to create a participatory red and white music universe that combines surrealistic texts on science with performance art to activate a serie of portraits of imaginary beings with subatomic origins. Based on these narrative bodies, an exploration of non-human transformations and our relationship to nanotechnology and A.I. are being explored.

GREBNELLAW aspire to be a mutable metaphor, with infinite interpretations. It can be one or more, genderfluid, age
free and used to symbolize excess, community, celebration, hope and climate utopia.

Lisa Janbell

June 07-13

By experimenting with water as an element and with the fountain as inspiration, Lisa Janbell will transform the Superellipse into a suggestive aquarium as a form of ritual nightclub.

“In recent years, I have worked a lot with water as an element to further investigate the feminine form. Water is for me the enjoyable, the soft, the beautiful, the emotional, the vulnerable, the care, solidarity and the collective. Through my takeover of the Superellipse I want to praise the water as the great embrace that takes care of us all and that at the same time has care and freedom for itself. ” -Lisa Janbell

In her nightclub aquarium, different constellations of artists are invited by Lisa Janbell such as the performance duo Dos Oké, twelve dancers, the lighting designer Timothy Wilson and techno producer Jessie Granqvist. Together they will create various long- lasting performances based on Lisa Janbell’s repertoire. Such as: Trans-session, a participatory choreographic piece where eight dancers improvise based on Lisa’s trans practice, including dancers as Ama Kyei, Cecilia Rehde, Dafne Giannikopoulou, Ingrid Mugalo, Lena Bergstedt, Marie Mazer, Sofia Sangregorio och Sigyn Ohlsson. You will also experience KONTAKT-extended: a longer version of Janbells dance piece KONTAKT, where she examines devotion to the subconscious in relation to the sea and community, which was created together with Dos Oké and the dancers, Bianca Traum, Yared Tilahun and Maele Sabuni in the autumn of 2020


Lisa Janbell is a dancer and choreographer, based in Stockholm. Specialized in ritual performance and ceremonial dance practices, Lisa Janbell’s artistic practice insists on exploring, in various ways, our relationships to the subconscious. This desire compels her to work on practices of belonging that nurture her deep personal need for collectivity and co-existence with spirits and spirituality. One of the foundations of Janbell’s artistic strategy is to create warm welcoming spaces where the audience can rest and gather strength. Her works are contemporary and suggestive, the audience often describes a feeling of having experienced something together when visiting Janbells choreographic sphere. Janbell’s works have toured in Sweden, Europe and Cuba. She draws inspiration for her work from all the days and nights she has spent in nightclubs and participated in ceremonies and from her education in folk dance practices / Bailes Folkloricos, at El Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana- Cuba. She has also studied at UFBA in Brazil and with local folkdance companies in Cuba, Ghana, Benin and Guinea. In addition to her solo project, Janbell is the other half of the performance duo DosOké.


Ailin Mirlashari

June 14-20

During Ailin Mirlashari’s takeover week the public will dive deep into the world of the artist. Suspended textile works will interract with film and photography, physical meetings will take place through music, scenography and conversations. Important starting points in Ailin’s cross-border work are dialogues, existentialism, poetry and burning contemporary issues.

A central driving force is the shaping of personal reflections and collective experiences. During her takeover, Ailin is inviting various artists, musicians and constellations to collectively elevate art and bring the room to life. Featuring Siamak Hatami, Bamshad Mirlashari… Flower design by Mirja Bozarth Fornell (Bozart).


In the spirit of film, scenography, music and meetings, Ailin Mirlashari was born and raised in Stockholm and has in recent years worked as a cultural sociologist with democracy and cultural issues. She is currently studying free art at Konstfack. In her art, she reflects on contemporary issues, often through magically realistic interpretations. Her practice is broad as she expresses herself through film, photography, painting and textiles.


Farvash & Roxy Farhat

June 21-27

« Being “Blatten” in Plattan”, is a performance and installation by Farvash and Roxy Farhat, where the Superellipse will be transformed into a subconscious landscape.

In the work we follow Blatten, Farvash, and the different conflicted selves. The performance is an insight into the interplay of self irony, self-control, and adaptation.


Farvash Razavi, (b. 1982, Tehran). In their art, Farvash shapes theirsupbringing through performance, installations and technology. Her process is based on both conscious and unconscious self-censorship and a need for concealmentas a survival strategy. That’s why Farvash often works with technological materials that are transformative, that is, materials that change shape and camouflage themselves by changing colourand shape. The materials react to external factors and through this Farvash hopes to be able to portray isolated behavioursand bodies as a way to unravel self-censorship. Through art, she also builds subjective logical systems that aim to investigate questions about identity and trauma, these often relate to cultural honourrepression of sexuality, migration and experiences of war.

Roxy Farhat (b. 1984, Tehran) is a Swedish artist and filmmaker. From documentary to video art and performance, she uses her work to explore themes of anti-racism, intersectional feminism, and community engagement.Farhat is currently working on a feature length documentary film in collaboration with filmmaker Göran Hugo Olsson. The film, La Société du Spectacle, is an adaptation of Guy Debord’s book from 1967. Parts of the film were shown in an exhibition at Örebro Konsthall this past spring and the film is set to premiere in 2021

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