Sobriety is dead, and #metoo has something to do with it. Sentences like these tend to stick to my brain like hard insoluble hairspray in the 90s, usually around 3am when my youngest son disrupts the status quo of my sleep. When we step out of our comfort zone, magic happens. The fierce women chosen for this project all have this one power in common, they challenge what is expected of them using a sharp, rigorous and very singular approach to their own process of creation.

Lagom comes from the word lag (law). In Sweden not following the rules is like cutting French cheese the wrong way, a blasphemy that mechanically leads to public humiliation. Good taste in Swedish design has that double edged razor blade that slashes all things daring to be unfair, spontaneous, eccentric or – Luther forbids – provocative. Misschiefs sits right there, at the crossing of design and art, two disciplines arguably at antipods if one complies to the diktat that purpose always determines form.

Whether their creators call themselves artists or designers, the objects you will encounter here are all handmade, unique and yet multidimensional in the emotions they convey and the subjects they address. They cannot be thrown out and replaced. They are here to stay, whether you like them or not. Unapologetic and fluid, Misschiefs are the opposite of mansplaining.

Every witch in history surrounds herself by other witches, in togetherness we write our individual stories that challenge the binaries imposed upon us. Let our magic circle guide you through a mobile-free journey of emancipated artefacts born from a desire to deconstruct and recreate.

Welcome to Misschiefs.