The Case For Her

The Case For Her is a nimble, lean and trailblazing funding collaborative that invests in two main areas – Menstruation and Female Sexual Pleasure. We believe in an equal world where women and girls can thrive, so we put capital in underfunded areas and invest in social enterprises, organizations and initiatives that work within female health. Our dynamic portfolio spans over the globe and includes product companies, tech innovations, research initiatives and grassroots organizations. We started The Case For Her because we are MISSCHIEFS. We believe that women’s health is worth going all in for. We go first. We take risks. We speak truth.
We use everything we’ve got, to make it count!
Cristina Ljungberg, Wendy Anderson and Gerda Larsson.

For Misschiefs, The Case For Her receives part of the sales of the objects and has kindly sponsored the production of the exhibition catalogue. All the sales of the exhibition catalogue goes to the foundation. Tack The Case For Her! And thank you to everyone investing in our Misschiefs women artists and women at large around the world through the trailblazing and fundamental work of this groundbreaking foundation!