Teenage engineering

Teenage Engineering develops highly acclaimed products for people who love sound, music and design. the company’s first product OP-1, the portable wonder synthesizer, is used by world famous artists and was unveiled 2010. in 2014 the OD-11 ortho directional wireless loudspeaker was exclusively launched at moma nyc. the pocket operator series released 2016, with currently nine units available, now represents the most affordable musical instruments available. the OP–Z multimedia synthesizer and sequencer was released autumn 2018. in january 2019 teenage engineering released their first modular synth system, the pocket operator modular. teenage engineering is based in Stockholm, Sweden. the company was founded 2007.

For Misschiefs, Teenage Engineering kindly provides its fantastic product OD-11, wireless stereo loudspeakers to two of our art installations. Tack Teenage Engineering!